JE Electrical Wholesalers Product Catalogue 2021

143 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 BLDPR100CHR 100mm Chrome BLDPR100W 100mm White BLDPR150CHR 150mm Chrome BLDPR150W 150mm White Round Internal Grille BLCOMBIDUCT 102/3 100mm 3m BLCOMBIDUCT 102/6 100mm 6m BLCOMBIDUCT 152/3 150mm 3m BLCOMBIDUCT 152/6 150mm 6m PVC Aluminium Foil Heavy Duty Flexible Ducting BLPVCDUCT 102/3 100mm x 3m BLPVCDUCT 102/6 100mm x 6m BLPVCDUCT 152/3 150mm x 3m BLPVCDUCT 152/6 150mm x 6m White PVC Flexible Ducting AWCLIPD100 110mm Round Duct Clip Jubilee AWCLIPD150 152mm Round Duct Clip Jubilee AWINSD102/10 102mm Insulated Duct - 10m AWINSD152/10 152mm Insulated Duct - 10m Insulated Flexible Ducting VABAS100SLB Slimline 100mm Standard VAECLIP100XT Eclipse 100mm Timer Round Extractor Fans Slimline Silhouette Silent Eclipse VAMINVENTSKT 100mm Shower Fan and Kit - Timer VAVENT-A-LITETIM Vent-A-Lite Shower Fan and Light Kit - Timer Shower Fan Kits VASF100B Silent Fan 100mm Standard c/w Back Draft Shutter 2 Speed VASF100T Silent Fan 100mm Timer c/w Back Draft Shutter 2 Speed VASIL100T Silhouette 100mm Timer Ventilation Special Selection